Vision: most respected low-carbon environmental protection enterprise

Continuously listen to and meet the needs of society, continuously innovate, and win for the respect from the society;

Enhance corporate status and brand image to make the employees have a high degree of sense of business honor and pride and win the respect of employees;

Promote the healthy development of agroforestry low-carbon industry, grow together with partners and win the respect of industry;

Focus on corporate responsibility, care and contribute to the society, and win the social respect.




Values: integrity, progress, cooperation and innovation

Abide by national policies and corporate system, and never violate rules and regulations of the enterprise;

Virtue first, uphold the principles of just, fair and trustworthy;

Use positive philosophy of low carbon environmental protection to have a positive impact on the surrounding.

Fulfill duties, implement efficiently, promote the development of low-carbon environmental protection, and protect the ecological balance;

Take responsibilities, take the initiative to innovate, and contribution to the undertaking of environmental protection;

Aggressive, continuous learning and excellence.

Win-win cooperation, sharing industry growth with partners;

Have the view of overall situation, and cooperate with other teams to reach the common objectives;

Willing to share expertise and experience with colleagues and grow together.

Purpose of innovation is to create values for society;

Everyone can innovate, and everything can be innovative;

Dare to break through, dare to try, never fear of failure, good at summary.

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