The Company focuses on low carbon and environmental protection, and forms modern low-carbon forestry industry chain and low-carbon agriculture industry chain.


Low-carbon forestry industry chain: use existing forest resources for forest timber felling, forest transformation and carbon sequestration forest management, use the acquired high-quality raw materials for deep timber processing and reconstruct the low-function forest to enhance the added value of the forest. The residues of processing and reconstruction of low-function forest are used for the production of solid biomass pellet fuels. Carry out the energy management contract business, convert biomass pellet fuels into gas, heat and other biomass energy and sell directly. The business covers the whole recycling industry chain of forest resources development.


Low-carbon agriculture industry chain: obtain the land resources through transfer and lease, use modern agricultural scientific methods to carry out green crop cultivation, livestock breeding and fish farming, and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products; use land and agricultural and sideline resources to develop leisure and eco-tourism agriculture projects; collect straw and agricultural residues to provide raw materials for biomass pellet fuel production and reduce rural pollution emissions caused by burning straw.

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