Chairman’s Address

Climate warming caused by carbon emissions is concerned worldwide.

Low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission are considered another tremendous progress in human civilization, and the low-carbon economy has become global hot spot. American and European countries are vigorously promoting the low-carbon revolution of low energy consumption and low emissions, focusing on the development of "low-carbon technologies", and adjusting the industrial, energy, technology and trade policies to seize the opportunities and the high ground. The battle for low-carbon economy has quietly started, which is both pressure and challenge to China.

China is in the phase of accelerating industrialization, urbanization and modernization and rapid growth in energy demand. Large-scale infrastructure construction and improvement in the quality of life of 1.3 billion people bring sustained growth of energy consumption, and the "emissions of development" with prominent "high-carbon" features have become a serious constraint to sustainable development of China. China is a developing country with huge influence in the world, and the development of low-carbon economy is an inevitable choice for sustainable economic development in China.

Against this background, China Agroforestry Low-Carbon Holdings Limited bears the historic mission, first names with "low carbon", emerged in Hong Kong main board market in 2013, and has been highly concerned and favored by the market.

China Agroforestry Low-Carbon Holdings Limited concentrates on low-carbon economy and recycling economy, devotes to breakthroughs in traditional agriculture and forestry, and gradually forms a green eco-agricultural industrial chain (including ecological farming, eco-friendly aquaculture, ecological agritourism, eco-agricultural processing industry, etc.) and comprehensive and recycling forestry industry chain (including low-yield forest periodic renovation and management, construction and operation of carbon sequestration forest, forest resource utilization and deep processing, developing and producing biomass fuels with residues of forest land transformation and deep processing of forest, etc.).

We firmly believe that we will accomplish a great deal in the low-carbon industry chain under the strong advocacy of the state, the rigid promotion and strong support governments at all levels, scientific operation and management of our professional team, and the protection of the investors.                         


                                                                                                                                                                                   Chairman of the Board

                                                                                                                                                                                        Lei  Zhuliang

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