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China Agroforestry Low-carbon Carbon Holdings Limited (the” Company”) is the first new agroforestry resources operation and management integrated comprehensive enterprise listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 01069.HK). The Company is committed to breakthroughs in environmental friendly agriculture and forestry, and gradually forms green eco-agricultural industrial chain and recycling forestry industry chain in the People's Republic of China ("China").
China Agroforestry Low-Carbon Holdings Limited concentrates on low-carbon economy and recycling economy, devotes to breakthroughs in traditional agriculture and forestry, and gradually forms a green eco-agricultural industrial chain and comprehensive and recycling forestry industry chain (including low-yield forest periodic renovation and management, construction and operation of carbon sequestration forest,developing and producing biomass fuels with residues of forest land transformation and deep processing of forest, etc.).
2011 Transfer of listing from the GEM to the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
2013 Change of Company name to China Agroforestry Low-carbon Holdings Limited
2014 Completion of Jian’ge Biomass Fuel Production Base in Sichuan
2014 Strip off the garment business
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Use existing forest resources for forest timber felling, forest transformation and carbon sequestration forest management, use the acquired high-quality raw materials for deep timber processing and reconstruct the low-function forest to enhance the added value of the forest. Carry out the energy management contract business, convert biomass pellet fuels into gas, heat and other biomass energy and sell directly.
Vision: most respected low-carbon environmental protection enterprise;
Enhance corporate status and brand image to make the employees have a high degree of sense of business honor and pride and win the respect of employees;
Focus on corporate responsibility, care and contribute to the society, and win the social respect.
Life embraces green, human and ecology coexist; control environmental pollution, reproduce bright sun and blue sky; development is market-oriented, survival depends on environment protection; use natural resources rationally, protect the ecological balance effectively; benefit future generations.
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